Runaway 7-years-old girl sneaks onto a plane at Geneva airport

November 6, 2017

Surprise and astonishment at Geneva airport in Switzerland when a 7-year-old girl foils all the security control systems.

Last Sunday, 1:25 pm the child escapes the surveillance of her grandfather in downtown Geneva. She takes a train to the airport without anyone noticing her being alone. Once at the airport, she sneaks in, goes through to the boarding gate and finally boards a plane to Ajaccio, without a ticket or a boarding pass.

The first time she tried to board, she was denied access, but he second attempt was a success: The little runaway girl made the security agents believe she was accompanied and then whent through the automatic gates, passing under a barrier between the two doors.

“In Sunday’s flow of passengers, everyone thought she was with people in front of or behind her,” said the spokesman for Geneva Airport.
The child finally got spotted and reported by a crew member aboard the aircraft.

An unusual story that feels like a remake of the famous “Home alone” movie. However, the incident gives us to think about the failures of security systems. The Geneva airport management plans to install Plexiglas gates to replace the actual ones.

Thomas Chauvel – Community manager