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We are KPASS AIRPORTInnovators in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutionsin the airport and aeronautics business fields


The company has been founded by 3 enthusiast professionals with triple expertise in air transport, aeronautics and new technologies industries. For several years, they noted that training quality and efficiency was not in phase with market needs due to old-fashioned methods and the low use of new technologies, resulting in poor involvement of learners.

They decided to address the issue and following a proven model of large industrial groups, they created breakthrough learning processes, infused with the latest knowledge in education methodology, and powered by advanced technologies.


Providing a high level of competencies to the airport and aeronautics communities through Virtual & Augmented Reality  cutting-edge technologies. Our self-developed technique speeds up understanding and integration of knowledge, and leads trainees to develop stronger skills, improved self-confidence and better judgement.

Empowering people and companies with smart and powerful dedicated solutions that support their operational safety and excellence in services.


We believe knowledge is power, and we make a difference in efficiently delivering it.

We value technology, trust, simplicity, excellence and collaboration.

We provide innovative, flexible, reliable and enjoyable solutions.

We behave in an approachable, honest, positive and considered way.

Product Offering

Virtual Reality

Practice training is an important part of airport education, but is often complicated, presents risks and depends on ramp on-going operations. This is why we created K.A.V.E, the KPASS AIRPORT Virtual Experience. A simulator reproducing real life details, and fully configurable for a wide range of weather issues and operational scenario. The solution is available at all times and offers the same results with more flexibility and no safety or security issues. When clients have ramp access, we can also deliver field practice training on-demand.

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Augmented Reality

Discover the augmented experience with KPASS AIRPORT Augmented Experience apps. We deliver specific AR apps for your operational context which allow you to enrich your business process.

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Key Strategic Assets

In-house expertise and resources you will benefit from.

Empowering training

Our VR simulations & AR apps are always up to date, comprehensive, engaging, immersive, human oriented and in phase with today’s business needs.

Empowering tools

Our VR simulation & AR apps are developed with a high graphical level fully integrated with hardware.

Empowering technologies

We developed Virtual reality, Augmented reality technologies to better serve aeronautics & air transport with faster results, reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Empowering support

We offer dedicated consulting and support to our customers in optimizing their processes..



Co-founder & CEO


Holder of a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Hocine has a passion for aeronautics. His experience in companies such as Airbus and Dassault Systèmes has enabled him to build a proven expertise in the development of innovative technological solutions for air transportation. As a visionary at the forefront of new technologies and knowledge transmission research, he founded KPASS AIRPORT and developed an immersive approach to training.


Innovative technological solutions, project resources management and strategic planning.


Co-founder & Ramp Trainer


With more than 28 years of experience in airport ground operations, Didier is an expert in his field. He continues to learn and deepen his knowledge in order to constantly improve safety and quality. His adaptability allows him to intervene on all terrains and in all circumstances. Didier has been working with Hocine since the founding of KPASS AIRPORT as the expert trainer for the ramp activities.


Outstanding teaching skills, in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of ground operations, safety, and efficiency consultant.


Co-Founder & Process Expert


Holder of a Master’s degree in Mathematics,  Maâmar is a former mathematics professor which has embraced air transport profession 17 years ago. After trying to enter in the Air France Cadet School for becoming an airline pilot, he has proposed his level of competencies in the air transport sector. He was in charge successively of traffic officer, station manager, IT manager and methods and means manager.


Great interpersonal skills, deep analysis  and understanding of airport operations.

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