Airports offer smart digital experience to customers

November 6, 2017

In a world where digital technology is increasing its influence on the daily life of our society, the civil aviation sector is taking a new step into the digital age, in order to deliver better customer experience to travelers. What will be the impact?

Immediacy, efficiency, simplicity, these are the expectations of today’s connected customers. In France, 93% of the population has a smartphone and in this context, geolocalization is  key to customer relationship.

These indications are well understood and widely taken into account by the airport industry and airlines. According to a study by Markess, more than 61% of companies already believe that customer experience is the main focus for the coming years.

The case of Reykjavik airport is interesting, it is one of the twenty-five airports which decided to install sensors everywhere on their premises. These sensors connect to travelers’ smartphones for a specific purpose: to produce and collect individual geolocalization data. This was made possible by the Big Data engineering, a new technology capable of analyzing a mass of information that can later be used to improve passenger’s experience. Apps for real-time flights monitoring, weather, check-in waiting times and pre-flight infos … Everything a passenger need to know about his flight and travel is now instantly delivered to him.

In a global race for innovation, the digital transition is a major turning point. Promising business prospects are opening up to the airport world by fitting them with customer relationship management  and communication tools.

A digital transformation that in 2015 led the leading French company Air France-KLM to make significant investments to personalize its customer experience with an announced target of 100 million digital users by 2020.

Thomas Chauvel – Community manager