Augmented Reality

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KPASS AIRPORT presents K.A.V.E. - KPASS AIRPORT Virtual Experience - the most comprehensive virtual reality training simulator for ground operations, and a powerful solution that allows trainees to acquire knowledge and experience faster for maximal competency level. K.A.V.E. brings an adequate solution to training in regulated and complex environments with limited resources/access, where safety and security are sensitive matters.

K.A.V.E. is highly immersive, realistic and offers unlimited possibilities. Each parameter can be changed and adjusted on the fly for true experience building. You can control the numbers of participants, stress level, failures, weather and time conditions, and also interact in real time. The K.A.V.E. module is already included in some of our training courses.

Key features of  our AR apps

In link with K.A.V.E simulatorStrong knowledge of business

Key benefits

Integration: CAD integration modelsTechnology: ARCore, ARKit and Vuforia expertiseIndependence: built exclusively from Kpass's proprietary solutions

Available VR modules

Check F.O.DMarshallingAircraft walkaroundTowbar connectionPushback

Additional options

Standalone Version

You need more autonomy and have high volume in virtual training? The standalone version is for you. We install the equipment in your premises and provide you with a Certified Virtual Trainer, or train your in-house instructor. You can install multiple simulations on a single machine. It’s a complete standalone solution:

Full mobilityThe simulator fits in a hand baggage and is set up in less than 15 minutes.Full simplicityHardware and software are seamlessly integrated. Just plug and play.Full independenceIt is built exclusively from KPASS' proprietary solutions.

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Create your own

You need an augmented reality apps for technical documentation business needs, for training, for marketing ?  We create it entirely for you. You will be able to choose everything: the environment, the equipment, the actions and all parameters and interactions. Then our engineers will create your simulation program according to your specifications. Be part of the future and embrace virtual reality today!

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