KPASS AIRPORT referenced on Datadock

December 5, 2017

Datadock is the most important database for all training institutions. Being referenced there means professional validation and quality certification for any training center. We are happy to announce that we successfully fulfilled all requirements and are now officially listed in Datadock


Why Datadock ?

The lack of professionalism and regularity too often seen in some educational institutions has been a major issue for all educational financers (including the 20 OPCAs, state agencies). This is why they decided to evaluate all training organizations and deliver quality certifications, based on 1st of January decree, that introduces a mandatory referencing for all professional training supported by financers.


What for ?

To facilitate financers decision making in training courses and training institutions selection processes, by providing a listing of evaluated and certified organizations based on quality decree criteria.  Certification data for all listed training centers is then made available online for review to all financers.


How does it work ?

Before being integrated into the database, each training center must register and deliver proofs for all mandatory requirements:

  • A precise definition of training objectives and suitability for targeted audience.
  • Suitability of training facilities, pedagogical support and evaluation systems for learners
  • Adequacy of pedagogical tools, and supervisory resources with training offer.
  • Proof of professional qualification and continuing education for all trainers.
  • Conditions of trainees’ information about training offers, access to training and training results.
  • Process for learners’ feedbacks integration

We passed the test successfully and are now listed on datadock. A guarantee of seriousness for all the financiers interested in our organization and a recognition of our permanent investment in the quality of our trainings.


For more information please visit their website:


Thomas CHAUVEL – Community manager