What are the effects of new security measures on flights to the US ?

November 5, 2017

Since last week, US authorities have imposed stricter controls on all flights to the United States. A decision taken because of the terrorist threat, a major focus of President Trump’s on US security policy. In June this year, electronic devices were already banned for passengers coming from certain countries. This new measure implies that all passengers flying to the US are subject to a “security questionnaire” by airport staff at the time of check-in. This represents a total of 320,000 passengers on 2100 flights from 108 countries.

“These new measures will impact all flights to the United States,” said Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for the US Air Transport Security Administration.

The Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific is suspending the check-in at home service and announced that an individual interview will take place at the time of check-in. And to make sure the is enough time for everyone to comply with the new rules, passengers’ registration will be open 3 hours before boarding.

In order to minimize the waiting time for passengers, Air France found a clever solution, a questionnaire is distributed while passengers are queuing for luggage registration. a measure they implemented since November 2nd at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

Thomas Chauvel – Community manager