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Our E-learning solution is K.A.T.E. - KPASS AIRPORT Training Experience - and will be available in 2018. More than just an E-learning tool, it is a fully loaded interactive cloud based platform at the heart of our training ecosystem called unified learning. It features a slick design and enhanced navigation to make it easy and intuitive to use. Who said learning was to be boring?

Unified learning

It’s a transversal and integrated education system. All KPASS AIRPORT educational contents are standardized and optimized for each format, to allow trainees to seamlessly switch back and forth between the classrooms and the online platform with perfect continuity and great flexibility.

K.A.T.E. Flavours


K.A.T.E. basic is our E-learning solution for businesses who need to get their theory training courses for employees made online. A subscription-based service that reduces training costs while delivering the same educational content as classroom training. Your staff can now learn from anywhere and at anytime convenient for them.  K.A.T.E. basic offers the following advantages:

Full-course theory trainingPersonal progression monitoring in real-time24/7 accessMulti-device access - PC, tablet, smartphone


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E-Learning Advanced

For companies looking for an extra solution to administrate their employees’ online training, we created K.A.T.E advanced. A subscription-based service with a wide range of management tools and features for ultimate HR efficiency and simplicity :

Dedicated and secured corporate spaceOnline training managementStatistics managementUsers managementCertification delivery toolIndividual online courses customizationReporting OPCAData export to SIRHEmailingIntegration with communication tools and social media


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Online course material

All training courses purchased through our training center, include an online access to course material for further review and study. It is called K.A.T.E. Support and it is available to your trainees during their educational period, a great way to help them succeed. Enjoy the following benefits:

Course material and key points24/7 accessMulti-device access - PC, tablet, smartphone

Included with all training courses

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