The Evolution of Training

January 30, 2018

“Instantaneity, responsiveness, personalization “, this is what best defines the needs of today’s professional training in a constantly evolving airport environment.


The current booming of new tools and technologies available, gives us a way to answer these needs. These innovations allow us to put the learner at the heart of the training ecosystem and provide him with effective solutions to learn better, faster and with greater flexibility. A new pedagogic approach that challenges conventional teaching methods and make a real difference by integrating immersive and interactive learning dimensions to the process.


Where before knowledge was at the center of the system, with learners forced to adapt to rigid and unattractive methods, we now find a totally inverted paradigm. Learners are at the center of the equation with access to knowledge acquisition tools that meet the needs of each individual. The trainee becomes an actor of his own learning cursus, he participates actively and interacts directly with the knowledge instead of just being a passive receiver. E-learning and virtual reality are successful examples of these new teaching methods. But other educational tools such as “Serious Games”, are also very promising. These educational games playful and interactive by design, can better capture attention and significantly increase the retention rate of acquired knowledge.

KPASS AIRPORT is fully committed to developing learning 3.0 methods. We are constantly exploring new approaches and educational products, to deliver our customers with high quality, fully customizable and efficient trainings, in tune with today’s airport needs.  Our training programs are tailor made to answer your company and employee’s real needs.

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Thomas Chauvel – Community manager